Virtual Parent & Me


Class Structure

Our goal with this class is to give your child social exposure as well as to create a community for families to be a part of, even during these long days at home.

Each class will begin with an activity. This part of the class will be about 10-15 minutes (based on child engagement). We will let you know ahead of time if any supplies will be needed.

Our activities are designed with specific goals in mind. As your child explores the activity the teachers will narrate the play. This serves to increase language acquisition in children, and we also find that children’s parallel play (the manner of side by side play that we see at this age) is visible and consistent even while on a screen.


Our virtual rug time will begin and end with the same song each week. This introduces children to the concept of rug time, and also leads to predictability and comfort, which is important for our children as we establish our school routine (even if it is a virtual one).

Just as in our on-campus classes, we never need for a child to sit still during rug time. Some children may listen, then wander and return. As long as the parent stays and listens, the child has a role model for future rug times. We will sing a good-bye song to the children signifying the end of class.

Zoom Parent Discussions

Every two weeks we will hold an evening opportunity, via Zoom, for parents to join in with questions or to have a developmental topic presented and shared with the community. This may also be a time for parents to share ideas and connect with one another within our TSONS community.

We want to be able to help you when you have those parenting moments that can be a struggle. Whether it is how to help your child move from two naps to one, worried that your child isn't eating enough vegetables, or wondering how many words a two year old should have - we are here for you. Our goal is to partner with you during these early years

While our on-campus classes lend themselves to social interaction, the virtual class can give children a chance for social exposure. Social exposure is the best we can do during this time at home. It will give children the benefit of seeing different people (teachers, children their age and other parents).

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