The Sherman Oaks Nursery School is a non-profit corporation established on our present site in 1988 by a dedicated group of families and teachers under the direction of our founding director, Wendy Cummings. Through the hard work, fundraising and tireless enthusiasm of these parents and teachers, the campus became a reality from what had been only a dream three short months before.

When the Sherman Oaks Presbyterian Church decided to change the nature of its pre-school to a more religious, church based curriculum, these families found a location, financed and licensed the entity that we know today as TSONS. Founding Director, Wendy Cummings, the entire staff, and all but three families made the move to our current site in 1988, and we will always be grateful for the support given by everyone.

The Sherman Oaks Nursery School is indebted to the following organizing families who worked tirelessly to establish TSONS on its current site. From painting and construction to gardening and cleaning, TSONS was a labor of love for those establishing families and continues to be for all parents and children who have enjoyed the fruits of their labors. These Founding Families, who became the first Board of Directors for the school, were so instrumental in making the dream of continuing the philosophy and practice of TSONS a reality:

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Burroughs Family

Cummings Family

Ferrero Family

Fisher Family

Fisher Family

Heckadon Family

Hunt Family

Kelly Family

Kitagawa Family

McCook Family

Miller Family

Moynihan Family

Oran Family

Salazar Family

Shields Family

Silberfeld Family

Wagner-Porter Family

Wallace Family

Wasson Family

Yahr Family