Nursery School Tuition and Rates
Tuition is a yearly fee, which can be paid either in its entirety or on a monthly basis. 

Days Per Week 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days 5 Days
Monthly Rate $768 $1,152 $1,536 $1,920

Additional Fees:

  • $135.00 yearly - for parent's portion of insurance premiums (September through June)
  • $50.00 yearly - security fee (September through June)
  • $35.00 - one time only - earthquake supplies
  • $500 - one time only - New Family Fee*

* Any family starting the regular Nursery School program for the first time, will be billed $500.
* Families starting the Parent & Me or Transition program for the first time, your New Family fee will be spilt into two payments. You will pay $150 when you start Parent & Me/Transition, and the $350 balance of your New Family fee will be due when your first child begins the regular Nursery School program.




Mon – Thurs, 1:00pm - 3:00pm

$55.00 per class/ 10-12 weeks per session
Paid at time of registration


Only for third year nursery school students

1:00-3:30pm Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday 

Tuition may be paid in one of the following ways:
Monthly installments of $425.00
Yearly = $3,320.00
Bring own lunch



Programs 2022-2023

Parent & Me classes meet once a week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday mornings (Friday classes are added in the Spring Semester)
Tuition: $45.00 per class


Programs 2022-2023

Transition classes meet twice a week, Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday, 10:30am - 12:00noon (and 10:30am-12:30pm the second half of the school year)

Tuition: $400 monthly


Summer Fee Schedule 2021

For each two week session (4 hours per day):
2 days $275.00
3 days $415.00
4 days $550.00
5 days $690.00

A $50.00 dollar deposit is required to hold your child’s place per session. It will be deducted from your session fee.
There is a one time Summer Insurance fee of $40.00

Summer Enrichment Fee Schedule 2021

Enrichment classes are $40.00 per day during any 2 week session.
1 day a week $80.00
2 days a week $160.00
3 days a week $240.00
4 days a week $320.00

Summer Parent & Me Schedule 2022

Parent & Me classes are $45.00 per class.

Summer Transition Schedule 2022

Transition classes are $55 per class.